Research topics of Doctoral School of Mathematics in 2018

The current list of research topics

Description of these topics you may  find in attachment.

  • Covering problems in discrete geometry

Supervisor: Márton Naszodi, Phd, marton.naszodi[at]

  • Harmonic manifolds

Supervisor: Balázs Csikós, Phd, csikos[at]

  • Fractional diffusion with Neumann type boundary conditions

Supervisor: Ferenc Izsák , Phd, izsakf[at]

  • Comparative analysis of some preconditioned iterative methods for PDEs

Supervisor: János Karátson , Dsc, karatson[at]

  • The p-adic Langlands programme

Supervisor: Gergely Zábrádi, Phd, zger[at]

  • Finite Geometry

Supervisor: Tamás Szőnyi, Dsc, szonyi[at]

  • Geometric and dynamical aspects of measure and real function theory

Supervisor: Zoltán Buczolich , Dsc, buczo[at]

  • Algebraic and combinatorial methods in symmetric structures

Supervisor: Péter Sziklai, Dsc, sziklai[at]

  • Statistical problems of Matern random fields

Supervisor: Miklós Arató, Phd, aratonm[at]

  • Combinatorial rigidity

Supervisor: Tibor Jordán, Dsc, jordan[at]

  •  Comparison of structural equation modeling and graphical modeling

Supervisor: Tamás Ruda,  rudas.tamas[at]