Research topics of Doctoral School of Biology in 2017

The current list of research topics

Description of these topics you may  find in attachment.

  • Structure and dynamics of biological networks

Supervisor: Péter Csermely, csermelynet[at]

  • Cognitive Ageing in Dogs

Supervisor: Enikő Kubinyi, eniko.kubinyi[at]

  • Synapse formation and neuronal plasticity

Supervisor: Katalin Schlett, schlett.katalin[at]

  • Regulation of autophagyand endocytosis

Supervisor: Gábor Juhász, gabor.juhasz[at]

  • Parental resource allocation in zebra finch families under nutritional stress

Supervisor: Ákos Pogány, akos.pogany[at]

  • Effect of nanoparticles on plant productivity and metabolism

Supervisor: Ferenc Fodor, ferenc.fodor[at]

  • Domestication of eukaryotic DNA transposons

Supervisor: Tamás Orbán, orbant[at]

  • Ferric chelate reductases: key enzymes of plant iron metabolism

Supervisor: Ádám Solti, adam.solti[at]

  • Cell signalling: structure, function and drug design

Supervisor: Attila Reményi, remenyi.attila[at]

  • Systems biology of protein kinase mediated gene expression regulation

Supervisor: Attila Reményi, remenyi.attila[at]

  • BioNMR Spectroscopy of polypeptides and proteins

Supervisor: András Perczel, perczel[at]

  • Amyloid and self aggregating polypeptides and proteins

Supervisor: András Perczel, perczel[at]

  • Pathogenomic, evolutionary and diagnostic significance of bacteriophages

Supervisor: István Tóth, tothi[at] or toth.istvan[at]

  • The use of agricultural and conservation practices in the restoration of native plant communities and native seed propagation

Supervisor: Katalin TÖRÖK senior researcher (PhD, Dr habil), torok.katalin[at]

  • Role of calcium signaling in cancer cell migration.

Supervisor: Ágnes Enyedi, enyedi.agnes[at]

  • Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides as new pharmacological targets

Supervisor: Csilla Laczka, lozvegy[at]

  • Neurobiology of parental behavior in rodents

Supervisor: Árpád Dobolyi, dobolyia[at]

  • Neural basis of tactile object perception in the SI somatosensory cortex

Supervisor: László Négyessy, negyessy.laszlo[at]

  • Genetic analysis of the symbiotic nitrogen fixation using the M. truncatula-Sinorhizobium model system

Supervisor: Péter Kaló, kalo.peter[at]

  • Reconstruction of the lifestyle of the past population lived from the Neolithic to Bronze Age in he Polgár microregion

Supervisor: Tamás Hajdu, hajdut[at] and Ildikó Pap, pap.ildiko[at]

  • Genetics of aging: age associated decline in autophagic capacity during the adult lifespan

Supervisor: Tibor Vellai,

  • Regulation of autophagy by myotubularin phosphatases

Supervisor: Tibor Vellai,

  • Investigating antimicrobial resistance genes with bioinformatic approaches

Supervisor: Eszter Ari, arieszter[at]

  • Conformational analysis of peptides and proteins

Supervisor: András Perczel, perczel[at]

  • Pulse sequences in bioNMR spectroscopy

Supervisor: András Perczel, perczel[at]