Research topics of Doctoral School of Biology in 2018

The current list of research topics

You may find the description of these topics in the PDF file below.



Ecological Network Analysis

Supervisor: Ferenc Jordán, jordan.ferenc[at]


Cognitive Ageing in Dogs

Supervisor: Enikő Kubinyi, eniko.kubinyi[at]


Synapse formation and neuronal plasticity

Supervisor: Katalin Schlett, schlett.katalin[at]


Regulation of autophagy and endocytosis

Supervisor: Gábor Juhász, gabor.juhasz[at]


Evolution of adaptive immunity

Supervisor: Viktor Müller, mueller.viktor[at]


Regulation of cell polarity in epithelial cells

Supervisor: László Homolya, homolya.laszlo[at]


Regulation of Crynophagy

Supervisor: Péter Lőw, peter.low[at]


Study of the role of rhizospheric microbial symbionts on crop growth, physiology and yield and their potential use in agriculture

Supervisor: István Parádi, istvan.paradi[at]


Iron mobilisation from leaves: perspectives in iron fertilisation and biofortification

Supervisor: Ádám Solti, adam.solti[at]


The effect of salt stress on plastid structure and function

Supervisor: Katalin Solymosi, katalin.solymosi[at]


Advanced microscopy techniques to study plant-fungus interactions

Supervisor: Pál Vági, torenia[at]


Fecal microbiota composition and body structure in healthy adults

Supervisor: Annamária Zsákai, zsakaia[at]


Novel attempts to treat post-traumatic stress disorder via regulating Rab GTPase activity

Supervisor: Katalin Schlett, schlett.katalin[at]


The use of agricultural and conservation practices in the restoration of native plant communities and native seed propagation

Supervisor: Katalin TÖRÖK senior researcher (PhD, Dr habil), torok.katalin[at]


Uracil in the DNA during development: signal or noise?

Supervisor: Máté Varga, mvarga[at]


Identification and characterization of Piwi protein-blocking small molecules. Antiageing and anticancer applications.

Supervisor: Tibor Vellai, vellai[at]


Neurobiology of parental behavior in rodents

Supervisor: Árpád Dobolyi, dobolyia[at]


Cat-human interactions - experimental investigation of the socio-cognitive capacity of domestic cats (Felis catus)

Supervisor: Péter Pongrácz, peter.pongracz[at]


Parental resource allocation in zebra finch families under nutritional stress

Supervisor: Ákos Pogány, akos.pogany[at]


Traditional ecological knowledge of Mongolian or other pastoralist people

Supervisor: Oborny Beáta, beata.oborny[at] and Dániel Babai, babai.daniel[at]


Mechanisms and biological functions of motor enzymes

Supervisor: Mihály Kovács, mihaly.kovacs[at]


Development and applications of computational drug design methods

Supervisor: Csaba Hetényi, csabahete[at]


Mutational processes in cancer cells

Supervisor: Dávid Szüts, szuts.david[at]


Functions of complement classical pathway components in the central nervous system

Supervisor: József Kardos, kardos[at]


Protein-RNA complexes in the regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Supervisor: Ágnes Tantos, tantos.agnes[at]


Effects of human disturbance on small mammals populations

Supervisor: János Farkas, farkasj[at]


Cultural evolution of birdsong

 Supervisor: Sándor Zsebők, zsebok.s[at]