Research topics of Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences in 2018

The current list of research topics

Description of these topics you may find in attachment.

  • Weed ecology with special attention to soil seed banks

Supervisor: Péter Csontos, cspeter[at]

  • Reaction kinetics of nitrogen compounds in combustion systems

Supervisor: Tamás Turányi, turanyi[at]

  • Modelling of the combustion of butanol

Supervisor: Tamás Turányi, turanyi[at]

  • Applied micrometeorology

Supervisor: Tamás Weidinger, weidi[at]

  • Urban geochemical studies  in  poluted cities

Supervisor: Csaba Szabó, cszabo[at]

  • Development of feature extraction techniques from large point clouds, hyperspectral imagery and their data fusion

Supervisor: Balázs Székely, balazs.szekely[at]

  • Climatological analysis of environmental data banks

Supervisor: Imre M. Jánosi, imre.janosi[a]

  • Investigation of enhanced natural radioactivity in hydrogeological systems

Supervisor: Ákos Horváth, akos[at]

  • Impact of Climate Change and Land Use On Water Balance at Brantas Watershed East Java Indonesia

Supervisor: Judit Bartholy, bartholy[at] and Rita Pongrácz, prita[at]

  • Inverse design of wind turbine blades for extreme weather applications

Supervisor: László Kollár, kl[at]

  • Ecological indication of climate change by environmental state evaluation, biodiversity analysis and modeling

Supervisor: Levente Hufnágel, leventehufnagel[at]

  • Water scarcity and its socio-economic consequences

Supervisor: Judit Mádl-Szőnyi szjudit[at] and Ferenc Gyuris, gyurisf[at] 

  • Effect of heavy metals on diatoms

Supervisor: Éva Ács acs.eva[at]

  • Development of agroenvironment-management decision support software


Supervisor: Nándor FODOR and Zoltán BARCZA zoltan.barcza[at]

  • CO2-water-rock interaction


Supervisor: György Falus falus.gyorgy[at]