Research topics of Doctoral School of Earth Sciences in 2017

The current list of research topics

Description of these topics you may  find in attachment.

  • The natural and social factors of the transformation of  urban spaces

Supervisor: Eva IZSÁK, eva.izsak[at]

  • Planetary mapping: morphologic characterization and survey of distribution of terrain types on Mars

Supervisor: Henrik HARGITAI, hhargitai[at]

  • Current trends and impacts of the urban regeneration in Hungary and Budapest

Supervisor: Tamás EGEDY, egedy[at]

  • Geographical aspects of creative and innovative economies

Supervisor: Tamás EGEDY, egedy[at]

  • Development and challenges of housing estates after the change of regime - Eastern European perspectives

Supervisor: Tamás EGEDY, egedy[at]

  • Transmission electron microscopy of mineral nanoparticles in the environment

Supervisor: Viktória KOVÁCS KIS and Tibor NÉMETH, kis.viktoria[at]

  • New approaches to spatial disparity research

Supervisor: Ferenc GYURIS, gyurisf[at]

  • New approaches to cultural geography in Central and Eastern Europe

Supervisor: Márton BERKI, berkimarton[at]

  • Effect of nanoparticles on plant productivity and metabolism

Supervisor: Ferenc FODOR, ferenc.fodor[at]

  • Role of fluids in peridotites from ophiolites

Supervisor: Csaba SZABÓ, cszabo[at] 

  • Biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental and palaeobiogeographical interpretations on the basis of microfossils

Supervisor: Ágnes GÖRÖG, gorog[at]

  • Impact of Climate Change and Land Use On Water Balance at Brantas Watershed East Java Indonesia

Supervisor: Judit Bartholy, bartholy[at] and Rita Pongrácz, prita[at]

  • Fossil forests

Supervisor: Miklós Kázmér, mkazmer[at]

  • Environmental history

Supervisor: Miklós Kázmér, mkazmer[at]

  • Ice-water interaction at the Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador

Supervisor: Dávid Karátson, dkarat[at]