The various disciplines of the Earth Sciences have been taught at our University since its founding in 1635 A.D. It counted as one of its strengths including geology, mineralogy, astronomy, later geophysics and meteorology. In the second half of the 20th century the industrialization requested more specialists in Hungary and the Eötvös University replied with various 10-semester-long MSc curriculums of astronomy, cartography, geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology, and environmental science introduced gradually since the 1950s. Our alumni can be found everywhere in the world.

From the 3rd semester on, one can choose a specialisation from the following list (see them for the Subjects):

With the chosen specialisation an increasing percentage of courses will orientate the students towards their specific profession. However, the students will have solid background of all other geoscientific fields through the rest of common compulsory courses. A further part of the courses are electives including space science, hydrogeology, planetology, volcanology, theory of chaos, oceanology, archeometry, paleoclimatology, paleontology, mineralogy, etc. Consequently, for those who successfully complete their studies with a bachelor degree with us, the way will be open to proceed to any MSc programme of geoscience at our university, in the European Union or anywhere else in the world.