Talent support

Talent support


Call for applications for the funding of ELTE students’ active participation in national and international student competitions, conferences and workshops or for the support of short research trips.
The application deadline is 1 April 2019 (midnight).
Call for applications

The Eötvös Loránd University has been paying particular attention to the support of talented students for a long time. In this menu, you can obtain information concerning the academic forms of talent support such as the National Conference of Scientific Association of Students, the Colleges of ELTE, and the available grants related to talent support. 

The University established an award for excellence and a certificate of recognition in 2015 for the appreciation of remarkable talent support activity. The Pro Ingenio Award honors those dedicated university teachers and researchers who did years of outstandingly successful work on any field of talent support (as a supervisor, tutor, mentor, or coordinator) for fostering and recognizing the academic activity of secondary school and university students. List of the award-winning teachers is available here.

The Talent Support Council of ELTE called for applications in 2015 for the promotion of interdepartmental and multidisciplinary research at the University. The grant aimed to strengthen the academic collaborations between the faculties and departments and involve graduate students in research work. 62 students of nine projects did research during the two years of the grant until 2017. The Faculty of Humanities accepted three programmes, the Faculty of Social Sciences two, and the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Education and Psychology, and Faculty of Science accepted one-one.

The ELTE Talent Support Concept is available here (only in Hungarian).

The ELTE Talent Support Council oversees the talent support functions of the University.

For more information: tehetseggondozasitanacs@elte.hu

Colleges of ELTE

Talent support of the outstanding students is helped by the network of the ELTE colleges of centuries-old traditions. The five colleges are self-governed education and research workshops for the most talented students.

These self-motivated groups aim for finding talented students and helping them develop their talents as well as supporting disadvantaged students. Their keywords are self-education, commitment to the society and autonomy which they contribute to the emergence of a closely cooperating community and critical intelligentsia. College students play a prominent role in the activity of the Scientific Association of Students, which means that there is a significant connection between these two forms of talent support. The activity of the colleges is supported by the university with financial resources and teaching work.

The five colleges of ELTE cover all the academic disciplines of the university. Accordingly, college students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and conduct research in their chosen field. The oldest of the colleges is the Eötvös József Collegium which was established in 1895 by Eötvös Loránd and accepts students from four of the faculties. The college building has been a declared monument since 2014.The Bibó István College was founded in 1983 by law students, modelled on the English college system. The Bolyai College is the talent support institute of the science and information technology students, founded in 1992. The Angelusz Róbert College of Social Sciences was established in 2004 and helps its members to become well-prepared, knowledgeable and open-minded social scientists. Those students who are interested in psychology, pedagogy, and health sciences have been welcomed in the Illyés Sándor College since 2007.

In 2016 the five colleges – Angelusz Róbert College of Social Sciences, Bolyai College, Bibó István College, Eötvös Collegium, Illyés Sándor College – was provided 12.400.000 HUF support within the National Talent Programme. 

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium and the John Paul II. Catholic Dorm and College in Szombathely are our partner institutes.

More information about colleges.

Talent Support Council

The Talent Support Council functions as the coordinator and representative of the academic talent support programme of ELTE.

The creation of the Talent Support Council has been declared by the ELTE Organisational and Operational Regulations Volume 1 (Organisational and Operational Rules), and the Organisational and Operational Rules regulates its function. Applicable from 23 March 2015.

ELTE Talent Support Concept (only available in Hungarian)

The Education Development and Talent Support Department performs the administrative tasks of the Talent Support Council.

OTDK trainings

The NTP-HHTDK-18 grant of the ELTE Talent Support Council aims to help your research work and preparation for the TDK (Conference of Scientific Association of Students). Within the framework of the project we offer 2 trainings in English in the Autumn Semester. 

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