Doctoral admission

Doctoral Admission

Doctoral Admission

An application period is advertised for PhD training starting in September 2024 at the ELTE Faculty of Science.

Application period: from 1 April to 31 May 2024.
Planned date of oral entrance exam: from mid-June to early July 2024.
Notification concerning result of application: until end of July 2024.

Applications to PhD training are to be submitted on this website

Detailed information about requirements of admission to PhD training is available on this website

You can find all necessary information for doctoral admission of the Faculty of Science on this page.

Online application for doctoral programs

Application process

Application fee: 9 000 Ft. Method of payment: bank transfer, please transfer the ammount to the following account number: 10032000-01426201-00000000. (Account holder: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem). In the notice section please write: D111SDOKT/ name of the chosen Doctoral School/ name of applicant.

Attachements for application:

  • brief curriculum vitae, detailing the previous professional activities (publication list, participation in research, manuscript of works, awards won, scholarships, etc.),
  • brief reseach plan with the signature of both the applicant and their supervisor
  • the copy of the index or credit verification of completed courses (For those who already graduated this can be substituted with the annex of the final degree, for those who graduate this year it can be the index printed from Neptun)
  • the copy of the final degree, including the following:
  • the copy of at least one intermediate complex language certification (B2, previously C), in case of a language certification received abroad: the verification of the certification by the Educational Office Language Exam Accreditation Center
  • in case of being enrolled in a self-financed program - if the research is conducted outside of the institution: a written acceptance statement on ensuring the financing of the research
  • verification of the payment of the applicaiton fee

Requirements and terms of application

Only students in their last year of a master's program (MA/MSc) or graduates with a master's degree (MA/MSc) can apply. According to the 2015. CCVI law on education, from 1st of September 2016 at least 240 credits must be obtained. The program lasts for eight semesters, which are made of a training and research, and a research and dissertation period, unless the law requires otherwise.

Applying with a foreign final degree

In case you have a final degree received outside of Hungary, the following documents must also be presented

  • the original copy of the final degree with a certified translations and their copies (If presenting the original copy is not possible, it can be done during registration)
  • document provided by the foreign institution which certifies the length of studies (e.g. index) and the succesfull completion of requirements needed for the final degree (courses, exams, theses, state exams, etc.)
  • A request for the validation of the MSc degree received abroad for post-graduate studies (please find the form at the bottom of the page in 'Documents')

Dates of application for the programs of the Doctoral School of Biology

Ecology, conservation biology and systhematics:


Experimental plant biology:                                       

Classic and molecular genetics:

Molecular cell and neuron biology:

Nerve science and human biology:

Structural biochemistry:

Zootaxonomy, animal ecology, hydrobiology:

Theoretical and evolution biology:


Dates of application for the programs of the Doctoral School of Physics

Material studies and solid state physics:

Particle physics:


Statistic physics, biophysics and quantumphysics:

Physics teaching:

Dates of application for the programs of the Doctoral School of Mathematics

Didactics of mathematics:

Applied mathematics:

Theoretical mathematics:

Dates of application for the programs of the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

Earth studies- geophysics program:

Geography-Meteorology program:

Cartography and Geoinformatics program:

Date of application for the programs of the Doctoral School of Environmental Science

All programs:


Dates of application for the programs of the Hevesy György Doctoral School of Chemistry

All programs: