Dear Prospective Student! Welcome to the Admission page of ELTE's Faculty of Science, which was created to answer any of your questions that may arise regarding your application.

On top of the rankings: ELTE is one of the highest ranking Hungarian universities in most of both domestic and international rankings. Every year our University is where most students apply nationwide. Most of the finest students choose ELTE. In 2021 our 387th academic year will be launched.

ELTE TTK is the best faculty of science in Hungary, and according to HVG's ranking the country's second best faculty following ELTE's Faculty of Humanities. The programs of TTK cover a number of exciting fields and offer numerous career opportunities, about which you can find more information in our videoseries.

You can find more information about our university's unique talent management programs for high school students, free series of lectures, career advising events and high school graduation preparation programs here.

ELTE TTK's Bachelor in Chemistry program

ELTE TTK's Bachelor in Biology program

ELTE TTK's Bachelor in Geography and Earth Sciences program

ELTE TTK's Bachelor in Physics program

ELTE TTK's Bachelor in Mathematics program

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