ELTE Walk - Why the Faculty of Science, ELTE?

In this episode of the ELTE Walk, we learn about the Faculty of Science, ELTE from the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs and a current international MSc student. The master's programs and Doctoral Schools open for international students at the Faculty cover all areas of natural sciences. Besides teaching, the Faculty is strong in research on various fields of natural sciences, too.

Gravitational wave hunting with radio telescopes | Science Podcast

Astrophysicists from ELTE also took part in the 15-year international research work in which, by observing the periodically flashing pulses of massive stars, they noticed that gravitational waves stretch and compress space and time following a characteristic pattern. During the research, they monitored the Universe with giant radio telescopes, so that light can be shed on the operation of huge black holes colliding in the middle of distant galaxies, and they can even discover several sources of low-frequency gravitational waves.