On top of the rankings

On top of the rankings

On top of the rankings
ELTE TTK is usually among the highest rated faculties in both Hungarian and international rankings.


Preserving its leading position in Hungary Eötvös Loránd University was included in the prestigious QS 2018 Ranking with three scientific fields and six disciplines: it improved more than a hundred points in its position in natural sciences (from 396 to 291) and in humanities (from 401-450 to 321) and archaeology, linguistics and philosophy are among the world's 200 best programs. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Rankings published its ranking by subject on February 28, 2018 that was composed by analyzing 22 million documents, comparing 48 disciplines of 5 scientific fields of 151 countries' 1130 universities.

QS published its newest ranking on October 17, 2017, which compared European and Central Asian countries' universities. ELTE took the 30th place on this list.

QS examines certain factors of higher education individually as well, such as the employability and outlook of graduates. Based on employability Eötvös Loránd University was among the worlds top 500 universities on its 2017 September ranking, and from the aspect of Alumni Outcomes it took 179th place.

On Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2017 gllobal list Eötvös Loránd University placed 501-600. Two more Hungarian universities made it on the list: the University of Szeged also placed 501-600, while BME placed 701-800.

ARWU has been comparing 1300 universities since 2003. It bases its ranking based on six indicators - including the number of Nobel laureates and the number of Nature or Science publications - to find the world's top 500 universities. Since 2017 the list of institutions placed between 501-800 has also been published. The ranking has been conducted by the independent Shanghai Ranking Consultancy since 2009.

Best Global Universities, published on October 23, 2017, ranks the world's 1250 best universities. According to their 2018 ranking ELTE is the best Hungarian university, the 212nd best university in Europe and the 466 best university in the world. This year ELTE's physics program took the prestigious 185th place on the list of the world's best physics education, while botanics and zoology placed 280th and chemistry placed 489th. When making the ranking US News & World Report considered the global and regional reputation and recognition of the institutions, research output (based on publications) and international cooperation.

Times Higher Education published their 2017/2018 world ranking on September 5, 2017. Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranks the world's 980 best universities, and is the only comprehensive list which examines the educational and research output, knowledge transfer and international recognition of higher education institutions with 13 indicators. These indicators were audited by the independent experts of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The highest ranking Hungarian university this year was Semmelweis University (401-500.). Our university placed 601-800, besides the University of Pécs and the University of Szeged. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the University of Debrecen and Corvinus University of Budapest placed over 800.

Five Hungarian universities made it to the University of Leiden's 2017 world ranking, which is published annually and is based on the publications of lecturers and researchers, and the number of their citations. Our institution placed 767th on the ranking and in the European context is among the 300 best universities.

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) ranking published on October 16, 2017 lists the worlds top thousand universities. Eötvös Loránd University placed 515th (once again as the best Hungarian university), Semmelweis University placed 611th, the University of Debrecen placed 694th. CWUR ranks universities based on eight aspects, including the quality of education, employability of graduates, excellence of lecturers, number of publications, number of citations and number of patents. 

 National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) ranks universities every October focusing on six scientific fields and fourteen university programs. Our university's physics program took the prestigious 293rd place on the list in 2017, outdoing the University of Jena, the Northern Illinois University and the Shanghai University. ELTE's mathematics program placed 301-350. and its chemistry program placed 451-500.

In June of 2015 Eötvös Loránd University became the first Hungarian full member of Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (IREG), an organization bracketing Hungarian and international higher education ranking organizations. IREG is an international non-profit which focuses on higher education rankings and the propagation of quality higher education. Full membership is granted to organizations which are remarkably active in the research and analysis of academic rankings.


According to the 2018 HVG Diploma Ranking Eötvös Loránd University was once again the best university of Hungary, and is leading the list of excellence of both lecturers and students. On the ranking of faculties our Faculty is only second to ELTE's Faculty of Humanities

According to academic excellence indexes ELTE employs the most lecturers with an academic rank, and the proportion of Hungarian Academy of Sciences membership is the highest  (more than 10%) among Hungarian universities. The comprehensive list of student excellence shows that ELTE had the most primary applications  (7294), and most of high school students with accomplishments at scientific competitions (248) also chose our university. According to the comprehensive student excellence index by faculty, ELTE's Faculty of Humanities is third, ELTE's Faculty of Law is the fourth, ELTE's Faculty of Education and Psychology is eighth, ELTE's Faculty of Informatics is ninth and ELTE's Teacher Training Center is tenth. On the ranking of lecturer excellence the Faculty of Science is leading, with lecturers with an academic rank at nearly 91% and with Hungarian Academy of Sciences membership at 24%. Nationally only ELTE's five faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities, Bárci Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education, Faculty of Education and Psychology adn Faculty of Science) were able to keep the treshold score average of those who were admitted above 400.

The two model high schools of ELTE once again made it to the list of the countries ten best high schools. ELTE Radnóti Miklós School placed third, while ELTE Trefort Ágoston Teacher Training School placed seventh on the list of 2018. 

Heti Válasz's higher education ranking released on November 30, 2017 was based on the excellence of students admitted, graduate tracking and lecturer excellence. Eötvös Loránd University is on the top of these ranking in two fields. In humanities the Faculty of Education and Psychology is first and the Faculty of Humanities is second, as it was in previous years, while in teacher training ELTE's Teacher Training Center maintained its leading position with the Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education at second place.

There were several conferences held at our university concerning the methodological differences of different rankings you can read more about those here and here.