Finance Office

Finance Office
The Finance Office of the Faculty of Science of ELTE is responsible for the financial planning and coordination of the Faculty, its accounting, the voucher system it is based on, and the related administrative tasks.

The Finance Office ensures the money circulation, the management of supply and demand, and the completion of all financial, data service, and accounting tasks of the Faculty of Science.



  • 8-9 a.m., as posted at door 1.107, at Máté Zavadil or Viktoria Kiss
  • 9-11 am and 13-15 pm in room 1.107


  • 8-9 a.m., as posted at door 1.107, at Máté Zavadil or Viktoria Kiss
  • 9-11 a.m. in room 1.107



Contact of Staff


Jenő Megyes 0.93 6734 Commissioned Head of Office megyes.jeno[at]
Enikő Szolnokiné Tulai 1.89 1088 Commissioned Deputy Head of Office tulai.eniko[at]
Zsuzsanna Repiczki 0.91 6094 Commissioned Deputy Head of Office repiczki.zsuzsanna[at]
Henrietta Duzs 0.94 6047 Secretary duzs.henrietta[at]
Hajnalka Bozsik 0.91 6189 Financial Administrator bozsik.hajnalka[at]
Zsófia Posgay 0.91 6177 Financial Administrator posgay.zsofia[at]
Andrea Kiss 0.92 1063 Financial Administrator andrea.kiss[at]
Klára Vajik 0.92 1211 Financial Administrator vajik.klara[at]
Veronika Simon 0.92 6076 Financial Administrator simon.veronika[at]
Tamásné Fábián Péter 0.94 6084 Financial Administrator peterne.fabian[at]
Henrietta Szemesiné Kovács 1.330/A 8006 Financial Administrator henrietta71[at]
Krisztina Blahó 1.89 1088 Financial Administrator