PhD degree in "PhD procedure" & "Critique procedure"

PhD degree in

Administration is done basically by email. Coordinator is available on Teams, too.

Personal meeting is only possible if necessary and after setting a date.


Orders of the Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body

Recommended procedure of PhD defense during the epidemic (state of emergency)

1. During the state of emergency, the basis for the PhD defenses are the Doctoral Regulations of ELTE, the orders of the Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body, and the Special Academic Regulations for Students.
2. PhD defenses are still published by the Department of Doctoral Affairs on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council ( The defense has to be announced 2 weeks prior.
3. PhD defenses are to be carried out by means of an electronic device providing simultaneous audio and video transmission.
4. The Faculty of Science suggests the use of Microsoft Teams. It is allowed to use other platforms (such as Skype), but those are not covered by ELTE's IT support. However, using Zoom is strongly discouraged.
5. If using Microsoft Teams, the suggested procedure is the following:
12. If there is a technical problem, or the internet connection fails, refer to the following section of the Special Academic Regulations:"If a technical issue (such as the loss of internet connection) renders the exam impossible
a) prior to the start of the exam, [cf. Section 72 (2)] the participants must attempt to re-establish connection once all the other exams scheduled for the day in question are completed. Failing this, the student must be guaranteed an opportunity toattempt the exam again at the nearest possible date.
b) prior to the start of the exam, [cf. Section 72 (2)] the participants must make an immediate attempt to troubleshoot the issue in question and the exam must be continued. However, during this attempt, the instructor shall be authorised to ask additional exam questions. In the event that the problem is not fixed, the participants must attempt to reestablish connection once all the other exams scheduled for the day in question are completed. Failing this, the student must be guaranteed an opportunity to attempt the exam again at the nearest possible date. An exam hampered by technical issues shall not qualify as an attempted exam [cf. point b) of Section 52 (1) of the HKR] or an unsuccessful exam [cf. Section 71 (7) of the HKR]."

(30th July, 2020)


After a 3 year long doctoral training the PhD procedure can be initiated from the first office day in September until the last office day in May.

In the 4 year long doctoral training the PhD degree can be achieved in the Critique procedure.

Application for PhD procedure or Critique procedure

PhD procedure

You can apply for that after a 3 year lon g PhD training. You can start the procedure with a research plan. After the Doctoral Council of the Faculty of Science approved the application within 2 years from that date the PhD dissertation has to be submitted with the necessary attachments. Within 6 month from the same date the doctoral comprehesive examination has to be taken.


Critique procedure

It can be initiated after a 4 year long PhD training with the PhD dissertation and the necessary documents is. In the critique procedure there is no examination.

PhD procedure for applicants without PhD training (translation in progress)

There is a way to obtain PhD degree even if one has not been participated in PhD training.
In such a case one has to apply for complex examination by the coordinator  of the doctoral training with the dissertation and all the other documents. As first step the coordinator will send the materail to the relevant doctoral school for a a habilitational process. If the teh habilitational process was successful, than the examination board for complex exam will be appointed. After the approval of the Doctoral Council of the Faculty of Science the applicant has to sit for the complex examination. If the complex exam was successful, then one has to sibmit his material for the critique procedure.


List of application material for a habilitational procedure:

  • apllication form for complex examination
  • declaration for complex exam subjects
  • CV
  • list form publication form MTMT
  • publications related to the PhD dissertation
  • MSc diploma
  • certificates of 2 languages
  • testimonial of good character
  • certificate of the habilitational fee paid. The total fee for a habilitational procedure is 60 000 Ft: 20 000 Ft as for th eapplication and 40 000 Ft for the habiltation. If the applicant is a teacher or researcher employed by the Faculty of Science than only 20 000 HUF has to be paid.

If the habilitational procedure was successful than for the complex examination and the critique procedure altogether 100 000 HUF ha sto be paid.

Procedural fee (only in PhD procedure)

PhD procedure

The total sum of the procedural fee is 160 000 HUF. If a scholarship-candidate starts the procedure in the last (6th) active term of the doctoral training and has the necessary papers and language skills, the total fee to pay is only 30 000 HUF.

How to pay the fey: a, 160 000 HUF at the application, or b, 30 000 HUF paid at application, 65 000 HUF paid when organizing the doctoral comprehensive examination, 65000 HUF paid when submitting the dissertation. The fee (totally or partially) can be paid by the employer of the doctoral candidate. For details contact the administrator.

After transferring the sum one has to login into Neptun to arrange the payment!


Critique procedure

There is no fee if the critique procedure is initiated within 3 years from the date of the complex examination.

Requierements on language knowledge

In both PhD and Critique procedure

To obtain a PhD degree 2 langugae skills have to be proved. The main language knowledge has to be proved by an intermediate level complec (oral and written) language exam, the subsidiary language can be proved by other means. By non-Hungarian applicants the mother tongue probably can be accepted as subsidiary langugae knowlegde. 
The  list of acceptable languages can be found in each doctoral schools regulation (avaliable on
The main language certificate ha sto be proved by th eapplication. The second language certificate can be shown until when submitting the dissertation.


Only in Critique procedure

Both language certificates has to be shown when subbmitting the application.

Documents to submit

There are different lists for the PhD procedure and for the Critique procedure. These ara available in the "Downloadable documents" section.

Research plan, dissertation, booklet of thesis, DOI

  1. Doctoral dissertation

Only in PhD procedure:

The research plan is only 4-7 pages long. It contains the name of the doctoral candidate, the title of the dissertation (it can be altered if necessary), the schedule of the research work and all the results if there are some.

In both PhD procedure and Critique procedure

The dissertation is approx. 150 pages long. It is built up basically as an MSc dissertation. The hard cover contains the name, year, and e.g. “PhD Dissertation” or “Doctoral dissertation”. The inner cover contains the name, “PhD Dissertation” or “Doctoral dissertation”, title of the dissertation, ELTE (EöTvös Loránd University), name of the doctoral school and name of its head, name of the doctoral program and name of its head, name of the supervisor(s) and its scientific degree and position and workplace. Logo of ELTE can be placed on the cover just like the cover of the research place/workplace.  There has to be a chapter on the thesis points and there has to be a summary, too.
Last page of the dissertation is the DOI form. DOI (Digital Object Identifier) form has to be bound as last page of the dissertation in each copy. DOI number can be applied for by sending the DOI form to the coordinator by email.

  1. Booklet of thesis

It has to be printed in B4 size. The cover contains the same information as the cover of the dissertation (except that is not “doctoral dissertation”  but  e.g. “booklet of thesis” or “thesis of dissertation”. The length is approx.. 10-12 pages and it has to involve the thesis points listed and in the end the list of papers where the papers related to the topic of  the dissertation are listed first.  The dissertation has to be submitted with the documents listed in the "Downloadable documents" section. After the doctoral school or program has appointed a committee the opponents will have 2 month of academic year to prepare the reviews.

Doctoral comprehensive examination (only in PhD procedure)

The doctoral comprehensive examination involves 1 main subject and 2 subsidiary subjcts. List of sbjects to choose from are available in the regulation of each doctoral school on
The doctoral comprehensive examination has to be organised by the doctoral candidate and it has to be announced (date and place) to the coordinator at least 21 days prior to the arranged date.
In case of failing any of the 3 subjects means that the whole doctoral examination was not successful. The doctoral candidate status won’t be terminated but the next examination can be set only after 1 year.

There is NO EXAM in a Critique Procedure


The referees have 2 month of acadenic period to prepare the reviews. After the applicant received from the coordinator both reviews, the defence can be organized. The date and conditions of the defence have to emailed to th ecoordinatort at least 3 weeks prior the date. One member and one referee and but no other commitee member can be absent from the defence. At least 1 week before the date of the defence the applicant has to send the anserws to the questions in the reviews directl yto th efererees and at th esame time th applicant has to send the CV to read out to the secretary to committee. During the defence minutes ha sto be taken. The result of the defence has to be anounced.After the minutes of the defence was delivered to the office on the inquiry of the doctoral candidate a certificate can be issued stating that the defence was successful.
After that both supporting reviews were posted to the doctoral candidate the defence has to be organized within 2 academic month. The date and place has to be set with the comittee members (plus the supervisor). The coordinator has to be informed by the doctoral candidate at least 21 days prior of  the day of defence. 1 committee member and 1 referee can be missing from the defence.

Awarding the PhD degree, ceremony

After a successful  defence the Faculty Doctoral Council has to discuss the procedure and if it supports approving the results than the University Dotoral Council will award the PhD degree. These council meetings ususally take place in every 2nd or 3rd month. Within a few months after the University Doctoral Council"s meeitng the ceremony will be held where the doctoral oath has to be taken and after that the PhD diploma will be handed over to the applicant. Usually there are 3 or 4 PhD ceremonies in a year.

Lists, forms and declarations to download