Tender Office

Tender Office
The Tender Center's TTK Tender Office is responsible for the administration of the tenders of the Faculty of Science.

The Faculty's Financial Office, according to its financial jurisdiction, carries out tasks related exclusively to SAP financial data service and hedge monitoring and is not responsible for tender hedge monitoring, tender eligibility, tender supervision, or tender modification (14/2015. (IV.15.) Chancellor's directive concerning the procedure of the institutional units supporting the operation of the Faculty of Science).


Name Room Extension   E-mail
Csizmadia-Csiky Katalin 1.87 6126 grant office manager csizmadia.csiky.katalin@ttk.elte.hu
Bogáti Tímea Anikó 1.89 3735 project manager timea.damasdi@ttk.elte.hu
Dr. Billege Barbara 1.88 4561 project manager billege.barbara@ttk.elte.hu
Ercsei Veronika 1.89 6040 project manager ercsei.veronika@ttk.elte.hu
Kucsera Helga 1.83 1048 project manager helga.kucsera@ttk.elte.hu
Pákozdi Orsolya Flóra 1.83 1162 project manager pakozdi.orsolya@ttk.elte.hu 
Pribay Borbála 103 1046 international project manager pribay.borbala@ttk.elte.hu
Szabó Izabella 1.88 6031 project manager izabella.szabo@ttk.elte.hu
Szabó Levente 1.88 6091 project manager szabo.levente@ttk.elte.hu
Szalontai-Gecse Mónika 1.83 6421 project manager gecse.monika@ttk.elte.hu
Uhljár Krisztina 103 6078 international project manager uhljar.krisztina@ttk.elte.hu