Stipendium Hungaricum

Stipendium Hungaricum is a scholarship program for foreign students, founded by the Hungarian Government in 2013. The program aims to promote cultural understanding, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and other countries.

The scholarship can be awarded to citizens from almost 80 countries and sending partners for full degree or partial (exchange) studies.

The amount of the scholarship as of 2020 is HUF 43,700 for students in preparatory, bachelor's and master's programmes, and HUF 140,000/month during the first two years (during the training and research period) and HUF 180,000/month during the second two years (the research and dissertation period) of doctoral studies.

ELTE Faculty of Science offers master's and doctoral programmes.

The benefits for scholarship holders include:

  • Exemption from paying application and tuition fees,
  • Place in a dormitory depending on the capacity of the higher education institution or HUF 40,000/month accommodation allowance for 12 months of the year during the whole period of full-time programmes or for the duration of the partial studies,
  • Health care services (social services) and supplementary private health insurance,
  • Free visa and residence permit administration,
  • Use of the services of the library free of charge.

You can find the Call for Applications and all other relevant information here:

Available study programmes for international tudents can be found here. All English language degree programmes of the Faculty of Science are available for Stipendium Hungaricum applicants.

For more information, visit the above websites, the University's website or contact the Faculty's Stipendium Hungaricum Coordinator:


Address: H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A 0.129 
Phone: +36 1 372 2695

Additional information about the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme:

Call for Applications (for bachelor’s, master’s, one-tier master’s, non-degree programmes, and postgraduate specialist training courses) 2024/2025:
Call for Applications (for doctoral programmes) 2024/2025:

Operational Regulations (effective from July 25, 2023)

Application guide, complete with rules, application tips and a checklist:

General conditions -
Privacy statement -
Scholarship Agreement -

Already a student?

A local student mentor can help you find your way at ELTE and in Budapest. Your local student mentor is available for you throughout the whole period of your stay at ELTE. Whenever you have a question concerning your stay here, you can contact him or her during and also prior to your arrival. The Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network was established by the National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK), which is the official student’s interest organization in Hungary. Should you have any problems, please find the contact details of the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network’s team below and do not hesitate to get in touch with them:

Faculty of Science SH mentor:

Apply for a mentor via this email address:

More information:



Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People

The Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP) was founded in 2017 by the Government of Hungary.The Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes is responsible for the implementation of the programme at ELTE.


Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

The main aim of the Scholarship Programme for the Hungarian Diaspora is to give support to foreign students with Hungarian identity to pursue their studies in Hungarian higher education institutions.

The Programme includes members of the Hungarian diaspora communities in every country in the world, except in the Member States of the European Union, the Republic of Serbia and the Zakarpatska Oblast part of Ukraine.

Application criteria:

  • Hungarian identity and connection to a diaspora community declared in a motivation letter and a statement,
  • residency in one of the supported regions,
  • recommendation letter from a Diaspora Organisation or the Hungarian Representation of the respective territory,
  • living outside Hungary for at least 10 years before the submission of the application,
  • 4 years of applicant’s secondary school studies completed outside Hungary,
  • applicant was born before 31 August 2003 (except those applying for Dance study programmes),
  • applicant undertakes to learn Hungarian as a foreign language and Hungarian culture during his/her whole study period and undertakes to pass a Hungarian as a foreign language exam at CEFR B2 level minimum,
  • applicant undertakes to help the local Hungarian diaspora organisation in a foreign country with community work for the specified period in the Call for Applications after graduation.


Diaspora programme