Advanced Communication in Science - online course

Advanced Communication in Science - online course

"Advanced Communication in Science" is once again being offered by MATE following the success of its previous courses. The course aims to assist early-career colleagues in developing and effectively advancing their research careers.

Participants will receive specific suggestions on how to effectively communicate during their research work with peers, supervisors, collaborators,reviewers and editors of their manuscripts. They will also receive guidance on writing theses, scientific papers and applications. This intensive, English-language course will be conducted via Zoom.

The lectures will officially be part of the MATE PhD course under the code PEDIFEST10 but are open not only to students from MATE but also to university students, MSc students, early-career researchers and young instructors from other educational and research institutions.

The course consists of 12 one-hour lectures, each delivered by experienced speakers. The lectures will be available in three four-hour blocks on Monday mornings on April 29, May 6, and May 13. Further information can be found on the attached flyer and the following website:


Non-MATE students and all other applicants can register HERE.