Education and research at the Institute of Chemistry

Education and research at the Institute of Chemistry
Established in 1635 the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is both the oldest and the leading Hungarian university for science research and teaching.

As director of the  university’s Institute of Chemistry, and on behalf of all my colleagues, I welcome  everybody interested in the Institute’s courses. ELTE’s status as the leading university in Hungary is based on the excellence of its staff and outstanding achievements of its students. In the Institute of Chemistry you will acquire the skills and knowledge to  pursue a successful career in chemistry in, for example, research, industry, public services and education. Further you will do this in the vibrant and modern environment established by our professors and their support staff. 

Success as a student requires serious study, commitment and application. We make no secret of this and believe it is the only way the next generation will acquire the creativity and innovative thinking needed to tackle issues and problems being faced now and in the future. My colleagues are passionate about their work and the importance of passing their knowledge on to future generations. Their relationships with thousands of professionals working for hundreds of educational and research organisations in Hungary and around the world ensure that the Institute of Chemistry is an excellent place to begin your career in chemistry. I speak for all my colleagues when I wish success to all those who study here. 

Our Institute is responsible for teaching the chemistry content of several qualifications. For example: BSc in chemistry, biology, geology, environmental sciences or physics; MSc in chemistry,  biology, environmental sciences, materials science, geology, pharmacy and chemistry education. Students may take some of their BSc and MSc Chemistry courses in English. The Institute of Chemistry has  several well-equipped and modern teaching laboratories. The content of courses is influenced by regular consultations of the representatives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and economy.

The ELTE is a research university and its Institute of Chemistry is one of the most significant centres of the chemical research in Hungary. It has a wellestablished professional relationship with all chemical research institutes of Hungary and more than 400 research organizations abroad. It also has close contacts with the companies of the Hungarian chemical and pharmaceutical industry and participates in industrial research and development. Colleagues working for the Institute of Chemistry publish 150-200 articles per year and receive about 5000 citations. Several patents have also been gained. Researchers working for the Institute receive significant financial support from Hungarian and foreign resources. This includes European Union funding and commercial funding as well.