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ELTE is the oldest university in Hungary. The teaching of natural sciences has been in the University since the beginning of 1635. Already in the first years, they taught mathematics and physics within the faculty of philosophy, and in the second half of the 18th century the teaching of chemistry, biology and earth sciences was completed.

The number of our trainers and researchers is 463. Our current instructors include many Széchényi prizes, Albert-Szent Györgyi prizes or other professors with significant scientific awards. Our training covers the full spectrum of natural sciences. Within our seven fields of expertise, there are 5 institutes and  2 education department withine direct management of the Dean. All five institutes participate in our environmental education training.

The Faculty of Science at Eötvös Loránd University is the largest institution in the country where all natural sciences are represented at the highest level. The intellectual capital accumulated here is a unique opportunity for our students to expand their knowledge and exploit their individual resources, thereby meeting the requirements of a knowledge-intensive information society.

Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences

The subject of education and research at the Faculty's largest and most versatile institute is the home of mankind, the Earth, and its narrower and wider cosmic environment. Over 130 years of history, the predecessors of the Institute have always been the dominant actors of domestic geography and geography teaching. Our trainers have active links with domestic and international research institutes, market players, governmental and municipal decision-makers.

The Institute is divided into two centers, of which the Geography Center is the geography of the planet's surface, its formation, the relationship between nature and society, and the Earth Science Center for the sciences of geology, paleontology, geology, history, airborne and cosmic environment , geophysics, meteorology and astronomy provides an organizational framework.

Institute of Physics

The most extensive teaching and research work of the Hungarian institutes is underway at the Institute of Physics of ELTE. Our interest from astrophysics to biological physics ranges from complex systems to experimental and theoretical particle physics, from material physics to reactor physics to space theory.

We provide excellent researchers to domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, but it is also important to train physicists and teachers in the industry. We are actively involved in major international research collaborations such as LIGO, LSST, Pan-STARRS astrophysical or gravity wave monitoring projects, or CERN CMS experiment.

Institute of Chemistry

In the training system of the Chemistry Institute the independent research work is of great importance, so a significant part of our students continue to study at the doctoral school of the Institute after graduating from the chemistry master's degree. Our graduates are in many fields of industrial and academic research and development and innovation, including pharmaceutical research, food chemistry, environmental protection and environmental certification, analytics, alternative energy sources, petrochemicals and plastics industries.
For decades, ELTE's Chemistry Institute has been recognized as an internationally recognized educational and research work. In recognition of this, in 2017, three of our colleagues received a Széchenyi Award for their theoretical chemistry research.
Our outstanding research areas include research on white matter, chemistry of biological systems, food and environmental analytics, synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry and nanosciences.

Institute of Mathematics

The American CareerCast website every year assesses which are the best sessions. According to the 2017 survey, among the top 10 professions we teach at the ELTE Mathematical Institute: 1. statistical; Operations Researcher 3; 4. information security professional; 5. data analyst; 6. Professor of the University; 7. mathematician; 8. Software Engineer. So, the ten best jobs in America today are preparing for the ELTE Mathematics Course Week!

The lecturers of the ELTE Mathematical Institute hold a number of international (Wolf, Kyoto and Ostrowski prizes) and holders of domestic recognition / Széchenyi Grand Prize (1) Széchenyi Prize (3) /.
The Institute also has an Impact Research Group and the PIT Bioinformatics Research Group, which is a pioneer in the description of the graph of the human brain, its connections and the biological and chemical applications of mathematics.

Institute of Biology

The Biological Institute is the most versatile biological community of our country. Our research community ensures that our students are happy to be in the pharmaceutical, the natural and environmental, health and environmental sectors in many parts of the world, but also around the world. We are teaching and honing the most modern scientific methods, so it is worth studying biology in ELTE.
Our staff are at the forefront of research in aging genetics and neurobiology. For the first time, we compared the brain and human emotional reactions of the brain. With controlled protein migration, we have developed drugs that open new opportunities for myocardial infarction and stroke therapy.