Spin-off companies

Spin-off companies

BioPhys-Concepts LTD.

Development of a utilization contract is underway for the invention by András Czirók and Júlia Tárnoki-Zách entitled 'Automation of active substance transport experiment through artificial barrier layer with transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) measurement and fluid dispensing'.

Contact: Tárnoki-Zách Júlia
E-mail: biophys.concepts@gmail.com  


CollMot was founded in 2015 by scientists working at the Robotics Laboratory of the ELTE Department of Biological Physics, as pioneers of autonomous drone swarm technology inspired by nature. As experts in collective robotics, they have developed a system in which their drones think interactively and fly autonomously, constantly communicating and cooperating with each other.  They take pride in having launched several world firsts for entertainment applications, from spectacular drone fireworks through aerial laser projections to drone light paintings.  

Contact: https://collmot.com/


József PRECHL's invention “Antigen complement activation for the characterization of the immune response” was licensed by ELTE and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to Diagnosticum Inc. in 2008. The company focuses on providing full laboratory service and offering innovative clinical chemistry solutions to meet customers’ requirements. 

Contact: http://www.diagnosticum.hu


EvolVeritas Ltd. is a spinoff biotech company founded by scientists studying the molecular mechanism of complement activation through structure-driven protein engineering, directed protein evolution and enzymology. The mission of the company is to exploit and further develop the practical results of academic discoveries, which open up new avenues for the treatment of serious diseases with high unmet medical need. Researchers from ELTE and the Institute of Enzymology of the Hungarian Research Network – Centre for Natural Sciences have developed several generations of complement protease inhibitors. One of their lead compounds is under development for the treatment of various complement-related diseases. The company owns IP rights for the lead compounds. 

Contact: https://evolveritas.com/  


ImmunoGenes was established in 2007 by Imre KACSKOVICS, with a fortunate scientific breakthrough. Since then the technology has been patented and used several times. The biotech company had two main profiles: developing custom-made antibodies and developing transgenic animals. The non-proprietary use of this innovative technology, protected by an international patent, was acquired in 2014 by the Japanese Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group to develop therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. They are involved in numerous collaborative research programmes (e.g. Hungarian Research Network – Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Research Network – Centre for Natural Sciences, University of Szeged, Semmelweis University and New York University). The company has been listed in "100 Most Interesting Hungarian Innovations". 

Contact: http://immunogenes.com/





Motorpharma Ltd. is the most dynamically developing spin-off company established by András MÁLNÁSI-CSIZMADIA for the development and exploitation of innovative ideas. The Málnási-laboratory at ELTE has been one of the flagships of actin-myosin motor protein research for the last two decades. MPH-220, the leading drug candidate of Motorpharma Ltd. was successfully licensed to Motric Bio Inc.; the success of this commercial agreement was selected by Forbes as the most important Hungarian story of 2021. The company announced in December 2023 that the administration of the first-in-human clinical phase of the compound MPH 220/MTR 601 had started and was being conducted by Motric Bio. This is the first patent registered by ELTE in the United States.   

Contact: https://motorpharma.com/


Velgene is a biotech enterprise focusing on autophagy related disorders.  The company was founded by a group of scientists (e.g. Tibor VELLAI, ELTE Department of Genetics) to develop drug candidates for influencing autophagic activity in order to treat certain disorders.  

Contact: Attila ERDŐS  
E-mail: attila.erdos@velgene-biotech.com, erdos.attila@gmail.com 


ELTE has granted exclusive exploitation rights to Vellab Biotech Ltd. for the know-how of Tibor VELLAI and Ádám STURM (ELTE Department of Genetics) “Determining age from DNA”. 


Further information about the enterprises can be requested from the ELTE Innovation Center: https://www.elte.hu/en/innovation/contact