Enrolment and booking an appointment

Enrolment and booking an appointment for SH scholarship holders for academic year 2023/24

Dear Students,

You have to complete the following steps in the NEPTUN electronic educational system before enrolling in person:

1.  Check your personal details: please, check your personal details in Neptun, in particular your full name, passport number, permanent address, your mother's name.
In case of incorrect or missing data, start the data collation process as soon as possible via Quaestura Office of Student Services (https://qter.elte.hu/Ugy.aspx (switch to English by clicking on “English” in the top right corner).

2.  Register for Autumn Semester 2023/2024.

3.  Print the enrolment sheet (four pages long) from Neptun. Please first check if all data on it are correct, and use single-sided printing. (available in Neptun via Information - General Forms - Enrolment Sheet)


Personal enrolment is possible by prior reservation only.

Appointments can be booked from 29 August 2023 until 12:00 pm (noon) on the day before the day chosen for personal enrolment. You have to arrive 15 minutes before the booked appointment.

Please, book the appointment with the study administrator who is responsible for your training programme.

Study Administrators:

- Ms. HANNUS Zsuzsanna, room 1.77A: Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics

- Ms. HARDY Zsuzsa, room 1.80: Chemistry, Geology, Materials Science.


The bookable appointments will fall between 05 September and 15 September 2023.

If you arrive in Hungary after 15 September, your personal enrolment will happen by individually made appointment.

How to book?

You will need your Neptun ID and password.                     

https://idopontfoglalas.elte.hu/ttk.php (switch to English by clicking on the flag)