On top of the rankings

On top of the rankings
The ELTE Faculty of Science is generally one of the highest-ranked Hungarian institutions in both international and national higher education rankings.


Improving upon its previous result, Eötvös Loránd University advanced into the prestigious 501-600 category in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) published in August 2023, making it the top higher education institution in Hungary according to the evaluation.

In the ARWU's subject rankings published in October 2023, which surveyed 1,900 higher education institutions across 104 countries, ELTE secured six absolute first places and one shared first place domestically. According to the evaluation, which covers five broader fields of science and 55 narrower specialties, Eötvös Loránd University is the best institution in Hungary for education in physics, biology, psychology, educational science, political science, and communication, and shares the top spot in mathematics with Budapest University of Technology and Economics. ELTE is the sole Hungarian participant in the rankings for psychology, educational science, political science, and communication.

Our university secured the third place among the 11 Hungarian higher education institutions featured in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings published in the fall of 2023, which included over 1900 higher education institutions from 108 countries. The evaluation examined the quality of education and research, knowledge transfer, citations, international outlook, and industry income at universities based on 18 indicators across five areas. New in the methodology is an indicator measuring mobility and considering the number of patents filed in addition to industrial revenues. ELTE's sub-scores improved in the areas of research environment and research impact, performing best in these two areas nationally.

In THE's subject rankings published in October 2023, ELTE appeared in 9 out of the 11 subjects examined. Our university is considered the best higher education institution in Hungary in the fields of law, humanities, and psychology, being the only Hungarian institution in the field of law, and also shares the top spot in the fields of life sciences and business and economics.

ELTE ranked 150th in the Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings published in October 2021, making it the second-best higher education institution in Hungary after Semmelweis University.

THE launched its Impact Rankings in 2019, which assess the world's higher education institutions in terms of the United Nations' seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the 2023 rankings, which listed 1591 universities from 112 countries, Eötvös Loránd University maintained its position in the 401–600 category. Of the 17 SDGs examined, ELTE is featured in six areas: it ranks in the 101–200 category for quality education, gender equality, and strong institutions/justice, while in the 201–300 category for gender balance, and the 401–600 group for responsible consumption and production, as well as partnerships for the goals. Our university improved by one category in the area of quality education compared to last year's result.

In the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings of June 2023, ELTE is ranked 701–710, making it the third among Hungarian universities behind the University of Szeged ranked 601–610 and the University of Debrecen ranked 671–680. The ranking editors assess universities based on several criteria; ELTE ranks first among Hungarian universities in terms of academic reputation and employability post-graduation, and it is among the top three domestically when it comes to the citation rate of scientific publications, employer satisfaction, and sustainability indicators.

In the QS subject rankings of April 2024, nearly 16,000 programs from 1,500 higher education institutions in almost 100 countries were evaluated. Among the five major fields of science, ELTE improved by more than 40 places from last year in humanities, ranking 221st, and reached 298th in natural sciences, making it the top higher education institution in Hungary in both areas. Our university ranked among the world's best in 15 out of 55 narrower subjects, including linguistics, psychology, archaeology, geology, geophysics, history, modern languages, English language and literature, education, and law, uniquely representing Hungary in these 10 areas.

In September 2023, QS debuted its European university rankings, examining 690 institutions across 42 locations in the region. Eötvös Loránd University secured the 208th place in the overall rankings, making it the top higher education institution in Hungary. The methodology emphasizes internationalization and mobility, considering them important European values, thus introducing a new measure for International Student Diversity.

In the QS sustainability rankings published in December 2023, featuring the world's top 1400 higher education institutions, 493 from Europe and seven from Hungary, ELTE improved by more than 300 places from the previous year, securing 259th place overall. Tied for the lead in Hungary with the University of Szeged, ELTE performed best in university leadership evaluation (79th), environmental impact (227th), and social impact (432nd) in the rankings, also leading domestically in the first two aspects.

Since 2014, Eötvös Loránd University has been considered the leading Hungarian university according to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR). The 2023 survey evaluated more than 20,000 higher education institutions based on the quality of education, the employment opportunities of graduates, faculty excellence, highly cited publications, and citation rates. This year, Eötvös Loránd University secured the 517th place, ranking it within the top 2.6% of universities worldwide.

ELTE was also the top Hungarian higher education institution in the November 2022 rankings by U.S. News & World Report, which included eight Hungarian universities. Eötvös Loránd University ranked 155th in Europe and jumped 66 places to rank 368th globally, placing it in a similar position as the University of Thessaloniki, Université de Lille in France, or the University of Navarra in Spain. In the narrower subject-specific global rankings, ELTE is the first Hungarian university to rank 112th in physics, 120th in psychology, 144th in space sciences, 364th in mathematics, and 411th in zoology and botany.

In June 2015, Eötvös Loránd University became the first full member from Hungary of the Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (IREG), an organization that brings together producers of national and international higher education rankings. IREG is an international non-profit association that deals with ranking creation and the promotion of quality higher education. Full membership is granted to organizations that are exceptionally active in the research and analysis of academic rankings.



According to the higher education ranking published by HVG in November 2023, ELTE remains the top Hungarian university. In addition to topping the overall ranking, our institution also secured the first place in five educational fields (humanities, computer science, law, teacher training, natural sciences), while in the combined list of faculties, ELTE's Faculty of Science is first and the Faculty of Humanities is the second-best higher education institution in Hungary. In the absolute ranking, based on the number of top-choice applications, the average score of admitted students, the proportion of admitted students with a language certificate, and the number of placements in high school competitions, ELTE also ranked first in student excellence. In terms of faculty excellence, measured by the ratio of students per faculty member with a scientific degree, the number and proportion of faculty with scientific degrees, and the proportion of faculty with Hungarian Academy of Sciences titles, Eötvös Loránd University ranks third this year after the University of Szeged and the University of Debreceni, as an important indicator of the measurement is the ratio of students to qualified faculty, and ELTE admitted a record number (12,225) of students across various programs in the 2023 admissions process.

In HVG's October 2022 high school rankings, the Radnóti Miklós Practice Primary School and Gymnasium once again ranked first, with the school's students achieving outstanding performance both in competency tests and in matriculation and entrance exams. The Apáczai Csere János Practice Gymnasium and Student Hostel moved up from sixth last year to fifth, while the Trefort Ágoston Practice Gymnasium swapped last year's fourth place for sixth. The Bolyai János Practice Primary School and Gymnasium in Szombathely ranked 15th in the overall list of institutions this year, moving up 11 places from last year.

(Source: elte.hu)

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