Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

Doctoral School of Earth Sciences has five main research fileds: cartography and geoinformatics, geography, geology, geophysics and meteorology.


  • High scientific quality of the training, personalized research projects.
  • High qualified professors, academicians, supervisors, experts from the practice.
  • Possibilities for multi- and interdisciplinary research.
  • Mainstream research theme.
  • Cooperative, cohesive research groups.


The main research fields:

Geography: Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Environmental and Landscape Geography, Geography of Hungary and Central & Eastern Europe, Carpathian Basin, Human Geography, History of Geography, Ethnical Geography, Regional Science, Regional Planning and Modelling, Urban Studies, Rural Geography, Geoinformatics in Geography and Spatial Research

Meteorology: Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology, Boundary Layer Meteorology, Climatology, Climate Modelling, Agroclimatology, Statistical Climatology

Geology: Physical and Applied Geology, Hidrogeology, Urban Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Lithology, Paleontology, Volcanology, Sedimentology,


Geophysics: Geophysics, Space Science, Geoinformatics in Earth Sciences

Cartography and Geoinformatics: Thematic Cartography, Mathematics in Cartography, Webcartography, History of Cartography, Toponymy, Geoinformatics in Cartography.


The program is research oriented, the students start to work on their chosen topic in the respective laboratory under the guidance of a project leader.

Eligible Programmes

  • Geography and Meteorolgy
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Cartography and Geoinformatics

The course list you may find in attachment.

The current research topics you may find here.

For more information about the doctoral programme visit the Doctoral database.


  • Academic career (university, research institutes)
  • Governmental career (international organizations, ministries, regional and local authorities)
  • Business career (firms: environmental protection, meteorology, mining, cartography, geo-informatics, urban and regional planning etc.)



Admission requirements

A master's degree in a related field.

Research program plan arranged by one of the member of the faculty.

Language proficiency requirements

English C1, basic knowledge of Hungarian language is an advantage.

Required documents

  • Master-level degree
  • Transcript of records
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Research plan
  • Reference work
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Application form
  • Copy of the main pages of the passport (needs to be valid)
  • Passport photo
  • Certificate of clean criminal records
  • Copy of application fee transfer
  • Certificate of English language skills

Application procedure

Applicants have to apply by the deadline given, by sending all required documents to Head of Doctoral School, to the Program leader and the study administrator (doktoranduszugyek [at] The application form can be downloaded from here.

Prof. József Nemes-Nagy and the program leaders deal only with the educational aspects of admission and do not deal with any bureaucratic and financial issues.

Important note: It is the student’s responsibility to find a qualified teacher in the institute who is willing to act as a supervisor and they write together the research plan which is submitted along the application.

The application package is reviewed by an admission committee. Then the applicant is expected to take an oral entrance examination. If a personal meeting is impossible, the interview is held through Skype or telephone. The decision on admission or rejection is made at the earliest date possible.

Criteria for ranking at the admission procedure shall include:

  1. previous university achievement (examinations, comprehensive examinations, qualification of degree)
  2. achievements related to previous research work (awards obtained in students’ academic circles, publications in the particular professional area)
  3. the feasibility of the research program.

Procedure of the entrance examination

Oral entrance interview with focus on the applicant's knowledge compared to what might be supposed from the submitted documents on former qualification and the goals and methods of the planned research project.

Written supplements and exercises might be demanded in order to measure qualification and language procifiency.

Application fee


EU/EEA students

non-EU/EEA students

Tuition fee/semester

1910 (EUR)*

2500 - 4500 (EUR)

depending on the research topic

Application fee

160 (EUR)

160 (EUR)

Registration fee

60 (EUR)

60 (EUR)

 * Reduced tuition fee: 350 EUR, if you research not in the University teritory.


Head of Doctoral School

József NEMES-NAGY DSc (regional science), nemjo[at]

Program leader

Geography and Meteorology

Mária Szabó DSc (geography), szmarcsi[at]

Geology and Geophysics

Andrea Mindszenty DSc (geology), andrea.mindszenty[at]

Cartography and Geoinformatics

László Zentai DSc (cartography), lzentai[at]

International program coordinator

Ms. Éva NAGY, inter [at]

Training plan