Master's Programme in Meteorology

The meteorology master studies offer high level of theoretical meteorology courses as well as diverse courses on applications. Students are encouraged to participate in the projects of the professors, where they can learn the newest methods of a certain research field; acquire experience in working in team and have a glimpse on project related administration. Students who are willing to spend extra work on a subject lead by their professors can participate in a national scientific competition among students from all universities. This competition have more than 70 year of history and acknowledged advantage regarding PhD studies in Hungary and plays a vital part in the higher education system in the country. In addition to the faculty members, lead researchers of the Hungarian Meteorological Service, the Meteorology Division of the Hungarian Military, and the Meteorological Service of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport also offer a limited number of thesis supervisions. This helps the students to find the most appealing topic for their thesis lead by the most appropriate expert.


The meteorology master program is intended to be a training of meteorologists who will have appropriate atmospheric oriented scientific viewpoint and high level of theoretical and practical knowledge by the end of the programme. They will have the skill set to be able to apply the practice, measurement and observation oriented analysis methods, as well as the knowledge for weather forecasting and climate modelling. They will also obtain scientifically based meteorological and environmental viewpoint.

The courses are divided into two parts. Students have compulsory courses covering general meteorology fields required for everybody (e.g., advanced mathematics, fluid dynamics, dynamical meteorology, informatics, climatology, synoptical meteorology, environmental protection and numerical modelling).

By the end of the first semester, the students have to choose a specialization: weather forecaster or climate researcher. The specialization will cover 30 credits of compulsory classes in the next three semesters. The courses for the specializations cover the full spectrum of the selected field.

Students with missing background in a particular field of meteorology are required to fulfill prescribed BSc classes up to 20 additional credits. The master thesis work is taken into account as 20 credits.

Depending on their ambitions they will be able to continue their studies in a PhD programme.

For more information about the programme visit the homepage of Meteorology.


The Hungarian Meteorological Service, the Hungarian Military and the private meteorological sector are major employers of our graduates. Furthermore, a large number of graduates continue their research as PhD students in various universities in Europe.



Admission requirements

BSc degree in Meteorology (or equivalent).

Language proficiency requirements

The successful applicant must have an appropriate command of English language. Several kinds of internationally recognized certificates of English language at advanced level are accepted.

The certificates need not be translated, they are accepted in most of the European languages.

Required documents

  • Bachelor-level degree
  • Transcript of records
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Application form
  • Copy of the main pages of the passport (needs to be valid)
  • Passport photo
  • Medical certificate
  • Copy of application fee transfer
  • Certificate of English language skills

Application procedure

As a first step, it is suggested to contact the program coordinator by email to obtain a guess on the reliability of your application based on the previous achievements and certificates. The coordinator will inform you on your chances to be enrolled without an entrance examination, or you have to take part on it.

The application starts by completion of the online registration form ( and by emailing all the required documents, including proof of the application fee payment, to the program coordinator. Within a few weeks the applicant will be informed, if he/she is enrolled due to the high quality of the previous studies, if he/she needs to take part at an entrance exam in Budapest, or the application is refused. In the case an entrance examination, the details of the written/oral exam in Budapest will be arranged by emails.

The Applicant’s abilities in Meteorology, Mathematics and Physics will be orally tested by an examination committee (either personally or by telecommunication).

If the interview is successful, a final decision on admission will be made no later than end of July.

Application deadline

15 FEBRUARY 2017

Start date

01 September 2017

Application fee


EU/EEA students

non-EU/EEA students

Tuition fee/semester

4190 (EUR)*

4190 (EUR)*

Application fee

160 (EUR)

160 (EUR)

Registration fee

60 (EUR)

60 (EUR)

 * It is possible to apply for scholarship to reduce tuition fee.


Program leader

Prof. Judit BARTHOLY


Ms. Hajnalka BREUER, bhajni[at]

International program coordinator

Ms. Angelika ÚJVÁRY, inter [at]